Lead times: wallpaper 2-3 weeks, fabric 6-8 weeks. Samples are sent weekly.


Near: Near-by, the everyday - inspiration from daily life in the valleys and the pulse of life, from fashion to exhibitions, what we see and love. Far: far away, fairy tale, mythic lands - the power of the exotic, from folk art to the Far East and its journey into the familiar.


Inspired by the woodland valleys we call home and the visual rhythm to the country year: watching the spring garlic unfurl amidst the bluebells deep in the woods, summer meadows alive with butterflies and the hum of bees. We love that this intrinsic connection to nature and land has formed a distinct part of our national identity, how the touchstone of ‘near’ has combined with the wonder of ‘far’.

Our history as a trading nation to distant lands; the exotic goods and tall tales' that have been woven into our English aesthetic over hundreds of years create the warp and weft of near and far. The garden, the valleys and those distant shores beyond our own.


China was once described as East India and myths whirled around its exotic goods. It has evolved from exotic novelty to design classic over hundreds of years, from distant land to an integrated part of the English country house style.  These patterns have a timeless quality and inherent geometry that always feel fresh.

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The beech woods ring our valleys. Ferns grow to chest height during the summer months beneath a luminous lime green canopy opening out onto wild flower meadows and undulating valleys.   The constantly evolving palette from the bluebell, primroses and carpets of buttercups through to the summer orchids,  tiny sweet wild strawberries  and brilliant hedgerow berries before the stark winter whiteout.

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The English are famed for their gardens and we gave our garden fantasies a kaleidoscopic twist. Our flower gardens fizz with colour and pattern inspired by nature, modern fashion and traditional chintz.

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Our textures are a range of smaller scale patterns in a myriad of colours that work across all our design stories.

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